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From Dr. Sue Cain, Council on Postsecondary Education, Kentucky, and Administration SPIN Chair: Check out the top ten higher education policy issues in 2012 from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. College readiness is now number 8 on the list. Last year, college readiness was number 3. American Association of State Colleges and Universities

As a precursor to things to come through our Professional Development Committee and our Research Committee, see this article written by the NADE President for retention and recruitment officers. Let your Board members know what other types of articles you would like to see appear on the NADE website. Read Article »

NADE President and President-elect are interviewed in Community College Times for February 9, 2012. Read Article »

NADE is partnering with Innovative Educators to bring you four webinars on Strengthening Academic Support Programs including Developmental Education Programs. The four webinars are (1) Using the NADE Self-Evaluation Guides to Establish and Assess Academic Support Programs with Dr. Linda Thompson and Dr. Karen Patty-Graham; (2)The Power of Integrating Support Services into Courses: What the Research Says, with Dr. Patrick Saxon and Jane Neuburger; (3) Intentional Advising to Strengthen Developmental Outcomes by Dr. Rebecca Goosen; and (4) NADE Certification Overview: Implementing a Data-Driven Assessment of Program and Student Outcomes by Val Hampson and Jennifer Ferguson. All four webinars may be purchased for $1,000 or separately for less. Webinars may be live (starting on March 27th!) or recorded versions. Go to and search on "NADE" to sign up!


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NADE Digest, Fall – 2016

“The New (Old) NADE”

  • A Position Paper by the Executive Board on the State of the Association
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Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Remedial Educators Warn of
    Misconceptions Fueling a Reform Movement
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NADE Executive Board comment on the Higher Education Reauthorization Act
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Journal of Developmental Education Outstanding Articles:

  • Addressing Flawed Research in
    Developmental Education
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  • Effective Student Assessment and Placement: Challenges and Recommendations
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The College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) is pleased to announce that our second white paper, Assessment of Learning Assistance Programs is now available online for free download.

The Terrain of College Reading (CRLA Whitepaper)

A Common Framework for Remedial Reporting: Response to Remedial Reporting Task Force Recommendations. Download PDF.

A Cure for Remedial Reporting Chaos: Why the U.S. Needs a Standard Method for Measuring Preparedness for the First Year of College. Download PDF


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