Individual Membership

NADE has no "set" membership year. When membership payments and paperwork arrive in the NADE office, 12 months of membership are added to the existing membership expiration date for renewing members, or 12 months of membership are added to the current date to establish a membership expiration date for new members.

Membership dues are currently $75. Retirees and full-time students are eligible for a rate reduction to $30.

Benefits of Individual Membership in NADE include the following:

  • PUBLICATIONS: NADE publishes and sponsors journals, monographs, newsletters, directories and other materials covering numerous areas of developmental education including: theory, field research, exemplary programs, and current trends. All Individual NADE members receive The Journal of Developmental Education, electronic access to the NADE Newsletter, the NADE Digest and other publications. A major membership benefit is the subscription to The Journal of Developmental Education (JDE). This scholarly journal is published three times a year by the National Center for Developmental Education (NCDE). The JDE is published as a forum for educators concerned with the practice, theory, research, and news of the postsecondary developmental and remedial community. Its content focuses on basic skills education and includes topics such as writing, mathematics, reading, tutoring, administration, and program evaluation. Emphasis is placed on manuscripts that relate education theory to practical teaching and learning, expand current knowledge, or have a clearly demonstrated impact on the field.
  • CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS: NADE and its chapters sponsor annual conferences at both the national and state level that provide professional development, renewal, networking opportunities, and a forum for members to present papers and research to the professional community. NADE members receive a discount on registration for the NADE annual conference.
  • SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SPINs): SPINs provide members an opportunity to become more skilled in their specific interest while maintaining a vision of holistic education. The basic NADE membership includes a free membership in one SPIN. Membership in additional SPINs requires a smallfee.
  • JOBS CLEARINGHOUSE: The Professional Job Opportunities Committee serves as a conduit for information to individual NADE members concerning developmental education job opportunities throughout the U.S.
  • INFLUENCING POLICY MAKERS: Through coordination with NADE's Political Liaison Network, members of NADE share information with legislators and policy makers concerning issues relevant to developmental education.
  • MENTORING: Past presidents of NADE will provide brief advice by mail or telephone.
  • LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Through volunteer positions at both the chapter and national level, individuals can develop and display personal leadership skills for the benefit of themselves and the Association. Individuals may serve on a committee or run for elected office.
  • PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION PROGRAM: NADE sponsors an annual competitive award program to recognize individual, departmental, and chapter achievements in regards to developmental education.
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT GRANTS: Through a competitive award process, NADE provides cash grants for some members to support graduate education and to conduct research, experimentation, and investigation in developmental education.
  • PUBLICATION AND PRESENTATION OPPORTUNITIES: NADE members have many opportunities for publication in chapter or national newsletters, monographs, or journals. There are substantial opportunities for presentations at the chapter and national level. The annual conference often features more than 200 concurrent presentations on a wide range of areas of interest to developmental educators.
  • As a benefit of NADE membership, the Editor of Research in Developmental Education (RiDE) offers you a discounted subscription to the journal. RiDE is a research-based publication designed to review and analyze current developmental education practices or report on current research literature and studies. For more information, please visit RiDE. RiDE is published by the National Center for Developmental Education, a research and training organization committed to advancing the practice of developmental education. In order to receive a 15% discount on the subscription price, please provide your NADE membership number on the order form. The order form is at Order Form. This offer is available to new subscribers.
  • For an additional fee paid directly to its publisher, by special cooperative arrangement with the Journal of Higher Education, NADE members may subscribe to this research-based publication for only $47, a 33% discount over the normal price of $70 annually. JHE is published by the Ohio State University Press. For more information, visit their website or contact them at 614-292-1407.

What's New

NADE Digest, Fall – 2016

“The New (Old) NADE”

  • A Position Paper by the Executive Board on the State of the Association
    Download PDF

Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Remedial Educators Warn of
    Misconceptions Fueling a Reform Movement
    Download PDF

NADE Executive Board comment on the Higher Education Reauthorization Act
Download PDF

Journal of Developmental Education Outstanding Articles:

  • Addressing Flawed Research in
    Developmental Education
    Download PDF
  • Effective Student Assessment and Placement: Challenges and Recommendations
    Download PDF

The College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) is pleased to announce that our second white paper, Assessment of Learning Assistance Programs is now available online for free download.

The Terrain of College Reading (CRLA Whitepaper)

A Common Framework for Remedial Reporting: Response to Remedial Reporting Task Force Recommendations. Download PDF.

A Cure for Remedial Reporting Chaos: Why the U.S. Needs a Standard Method for Measuring Preparedness for the First Year of College. Download PDF


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