NADE's efforts include the hard work of 17 committees, listed below. If you would like to help with the work of a committee as a volunteer, please complete and submit a Committee Volunteer Form or contact Joyce Adams, the Committee Coordinator.


ADJUNCT FACULTY (Louanne Lundgren): Encourages adjunct faculty participation and development and establishes professional growth activities.

AWARDS (Tammy Bishop): Coordinates promotion of NADE awards, selects reviewers for awards program, promotes nominations for the various awards, and assists with award ceremony.

COMMITTEE COORDINATOR: (Joyce Brasfield Adams)

CULTURAL DIVERSITY (Emily Suh, Russ Hodges, and Raynard Ross): Ensures that cultural diversity is recognized and celebrated in all NADE activities.

ELECTIONS (Elisa Cohen): Provides information and promotes nomination of officer candidates, coordinates process for selection of candidate slates, and supervises the election process.

INTERNATIONAL (Michael Hill and Lara Rosenberger):  Promotes and increases communication between NADE members and international partners through on-going networking efforts and at the annual conference, where the committee hosts international attendees and sponsors dedicated sessions and events.

MARKETING (Jennifer Beattie-Hulehan): Works with the Board and other NADE groups to coordinate the dissemination and promotion of information, press releases, policy statements, and products.

NADE DIGEST (Naomi Ludman): Provides opportunities for Developmental Education professionals to publish articles in the NADE Digest to further discussion of practical issues in Developmental Education. 

NADE NEWSLETTER: Assists with writing, editing, and other production aspects of the NADE Newsletter.

(A)  Coordinates a professional development website and links to the NADE website.
(B)  Maintains a membership of 5+ members.
(C)  Identifies lead professors in graduate programs in the field, receives approved annotated bibliographies from same, and facilitates posting.
(D)  Investigates and invites experts from various areas to participate in website postings and updates. 
(E)  Assigns topics and areas to committee members and facilitates postings. 
(F)  Coordinates annual awards to support continuing education by individual NADE members. 

(G)  Recommends activities to support  professional development of members, and coordinates professional development workshops for the members

PROFESSIONAL JOB OPPORTUNITIES (Janet O'Brien and Curtis Ricker): Coordinates information concerning job opportunities to the NADE membership and provides information at the annual conference.

RESEARCH (Julie Kling): Coordinates research concerning NADE activities (e.g., membership, conferences), coordinates annual research awards for individual NADE members, and recommends and coordinates research studies concerning developmental education.  This committee is responsible for creating the overall conference evaluation form, collecting information from that form, and disseminating that information to the NADE Board and to conference teams.

What's New

NADE Digest, Fall – 2016

“The New (Old) NADE”

  • A Position Paper by the Executive Board on the State of the Association
    Download PDF

Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Remedial Educators Warn of
    Misconceptions Fueling a Reform Movement
    Download PDF

NADE Executive Board comment on the Higher Education Reauthorization Act
Download PDF

Journal of Developmental Education Outstanding Articles:

  • Addressing Flawed Research in
    Developmental Education
    Download PDF
  • Effective Student Assessment and Placement: Challenges and Recommendations
    Download PDF

The College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) is pleased to announce that our second white paper, Assessment of Learning Assistance Programs is now available online for free download.

The Terrain of College Reading (CRLA Whitepaper)

A Common Framework for Remedial Reporting: Response to Remedial Reporting Task Force Recommendations. Download PDF.

A Cure for Remedial Reporting Chaos: Why the U.S. Needs a Standard Method for Measuring Preparedness for the First Year of College. Download PDF


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